Sunday, 14 September 2014

Beauty Box Off August: Glossybox Vs You Beauty Discovery Box

Firstly, my apologies for the delay in me publishing this post! I got caught up with holidays..... my bad!

August You Beauty Discovery Box
This was the first You Beauty Discovery Box I have received, and I was quite impressed considering how cheap it is! This box is the cheapest beauty box you can get, and although it is very small, I think that at £6.95 it is an absolute bargain!

In this box I got:

1) FaceD facemask
2) Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow
3) Peggy Sage Nail Varnish
4) Nail Block
5) Jimmy Choo Perfume Sample (there was also a male sample but my boyfriend robbed it!)

Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow

Peggy Sage Nail Varnish

August Glossybox Contents
In the August Glossybox there was:

1) Philip Kingsley Elasticizer
2) L'Amour Lalique Perfume Sample
3) Figs and Rouge Hand Cream
4) Yves Rocher Nail Varnish
5) Glossybox Highlighter
6) Essence Lipstick in 07 Natural Beauty

The only item I was really disappointed about in this box was the lipstick, as it wasn't very pigmented, and after the excitement of how amazing the last lipstick was that I got from a Glossybox, the bar was set high. This failed, by a long way :( I would definitely not buy this!

Also do excuse how weird my thumb looks... I'm not quite sure what happened there!

Essence Lipstick - this was two heavy coats!

Do you get many beauty boxes? Are there other ones you think I need to try out? Let me know!

Lots of love
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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Coulon Visit

While we have been in the Vendee, my Aunt and Uncle took us to a pretty village near Fontanny Le Comte called Coulon. I think you'll agree from the photographs it's a beautiful place, I definitely recommend visiting if you at in the area!

Loving a lazy afternoon by the canal!

You think rural France, and this is probably what you think... Original shabby chic!

Pretty Village

Dream House

Pretty view down the canal!

Happy Boyfriend again!

Local Church

Drinks to go anyone?

Let me know if you have visited!

Lots of love!
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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

One of the products that I was keen to buy from the Pharmacie in France was Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse, a face, body and hair oil.

Nuxe is one of France's best selling brands, and there are a big variety of products available, however I was keen to try out an oil, as I have heard rave reviews about a few, but was yet to trial one myself. This oil is designed to nourish, repair and soften, and contains 6 precious oils and vitamin e.

Anyone who shops in Space NK may have seen this product there - however considering it costs nearly £30 I would not buy it, however in a French Pharmacie it cost me €15.13 - about £12! Bargain!

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

So far I have put it on my sunburnt back, which didn't sting at all and made it feel lovely and smooth, and tried some in my hair. I think I need to put a bit more in my hair, as I literally put a tiny drop on my hands, and smoothed it through as I was worried about it being greasy!

Would I buy this product again! Probably, just for how wonderful my skin feels! However I couldn't justify the Space NK price tag- I don't love if that much!

Lots of love
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Saturday, 6 September 2014

On my hollibobs!

Bonjour from France!

I am currently in the Vendee in France, having a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of my life, however I have not forgotten about my blog! Having a few days off has given me the time I needed to regroup, plan some posts, and most importantly, go shopping for some fab new products to try! I am definitely looking forward to doing some reviews this week, as I am LOVING French pharmacys right now! 

In the mean while I decided to do a little photo diary of my trip here....

The boy driving to East Midlands Airport

You have to eat junk food on a road trip... It's the law!

Arrived at the Hilton East Midlands!

A rather swanky hotel room...

There is always time for a cheeky selfie!

Yes... I needed more food!

Hello shiny new Escape Lounge at East Midlands Airport! #priorityPassWins

On the plane!

Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away...

Welcome to France!

Ok... Another selfie in the car...

We're at my Aunt and Uncle's!

As you can see we had a fun little trip getting here! With lots of food on route!

I'm looking forward to updating you with more of my adventures soon!

Lots of love

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