Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Makeup Haul: Boots in July!

Overall July has been a very exciting month for me, between starting a new job and it being my birthday, so naturally I decided that a shopping trip was in order. For once I could just about justify this to myself as I was starting a new job and needed more clothes, and therefore naturally, more makeup. Or so I like to tell myself.
All in all on this occasion I felt very virtuous as I simply stocked up on what I had run out of and took advantage of a sale! Who can argue with that!
July Boots Makeup Haul
My purchases this month are:
Rimmel: Kate Moss Lipstick in 08 Lasting Finish and Scandaleyes 24hr Black Gel Liner
Soap and Glory: Glow Job Sunkissed Tinted Morning Moisture Flash and Off Your Face makeup wipes
Maybelline: Dream Matte Mouse in 48 Sun Beige
I'm loving a lot of the Rimmel Kate lipsticks at the moment, but this is a lovely pinky nude colour - definitely a great work colour for everyday, the pigment is lovely and also very long lasting. Also I have been meaning to try a gel liner for ages, to be honest I was a little apprehensive, as since several liquid eyeliner disasters I have stuck firmly to pencils, but I found that this went on easily, and it definitely lasted longer than pencil liner does!
08 Long Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick
08 Long Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick
I have used Glow Job for ages, but I'm loving the new formula - I had used my one for ages, and I wasn't always a huge fan of the big beads of bronzer in them, as it took quite a lot of blending, but the revised formula is great, it goes on much smoother with a more even covering.
I know a lot of people have an issue with makeup wipes, and I don't use them everyday as they never quite get all my makeup off, but there is no denying that sometimes when you come in late, the last thing that you can be bothered to do is a full cleanse, and in that instance I like having some makeup wipes on hand! Also these ones smell lovely - they are like the peaches and clean face wash!
I am still working on getting contouring right, but in the mean time I am experimenting with a variety of different products, and one which several bloggers have mentioned is using a darker foundation instead of just matte bronzer as it blends better. I have used the dream matte mousse quite a lot before and have always liked it - so when I saw it I decided to revisit it! I have only used it a couple of times but it definitely blends in with my existing foundation very well. As my contouring improves I will update you more!
Have you tried out any new drugstore products recently? Or indeed any of the ones I have got? Let me know!
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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Zoeva Brushes

I have been looking to upgrade my makeup brush collection for a while, as I have had my faithful Bare Minerals brushes for about 5 years, and they are finally beginning to fall apart. After reading some rave reviews about Zoeva makeup brushes, I decided it was time to take the plunge and purchased the Rose Gold Luxury Collection with some left over birthday money. To say I was excited about this was an understatement.
The first thing to comment about is the shipping - Zoeva is a German company, but I think the shipping price is incredibly reasonable - it cost me £7.50 to ship them, and they were here in 5 days, including over a weekend - you definitely can't argue with that!
When I opened up the package, I couldn't help but squeal, they are just so beautiful! I have a serious weakness for rose gold, and it sits beautifully with the deep brown of the brushes.

I decided to use the brushes straight away to practise my Kim Kardashian-esque (in my dreams) contouring, to ensure I could try out all the brushes, and I have to say they are fantastic! I love love love the silk finish brush - it blends my foundation so easily and, to be honest, it's miles better than my old faithful Benefit foundation brush.
The contouring brush and concealer brush are also great, they are densely packed with super soft bristles, and give such a wonderful finish to my makeup, that I should get much better contouring results in the future!
Overall I am looking forward to getting more Zoeva brushes in the future - they are incredible value - this set cost me £49.00 plus £7.50 shipping, and I would say they are of a comparable quality to some MAC brushes!
Have you used Zoeva brushes before? What do you think of them? Let me know!
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Monday, 21 July 2014

July Glossybox

My first Glossybox arrived today! It was a very exciting moment, as I have seen so many people getting them recently, and I have to say I was excited to open it up, the first thing I loved was the packaging, it was perfect for 4th July celebrations.

The products in this months box are: Bellapierre Cosmetics Ltd Mineral Lipstick, Absolute New York Perfecting Eyeshadow Primer, Carmex Lip Balm, Color Club Glossy Seal and Tarte Lights, Camera Lashes 4-in-1 mascara. All in all I think it's a pretty great box, and I'm loving trying out some new things!
Initially I was a little apprehensive about using a blue nail varnish, as it isn't in my normal colour spectrum, but I decided to try is out on a very damp saturday, and surprisingly it is quite wearable! Definitely makes a good colour pop to a dull outfit!
I am a complete lipstick hoarder, as I love to match my lipstick with an outfit, and can that it can turn a normal everyday makeup look into something much more spectacular. This lipstick is a fab summer colour, and will look great with a tan, it goes on really well, and my lips feel really moisturised when I use it. Also after using this lipstick for a couple of days, I can confirm it stays on really well and doesn't bleed too much around the edges (to combat this I advise using a primer - but to be honest I do this for most of my bright lipsticks, just because any bleeding is instantly noticeable). One final point, which may be a bit odd - this lipstick smells AMAZING. In a very weird, I kinda want to eat it way - it's really vanilla-y. Total winner for me!
I love trying out different mascaras, as I don't particularly like wearing falsies, but constantly strive to achieve bambi eyes! This seems a good mascara, it goes on cleanly, and it isn't too wet (I hate it when I open my eyes up to wide and end up with mascara everywhere) and definitely makes my lashes lovely and long, the only thing I don't particularly like is the packaging - I like my makeup bag to be quite minimalistic, and this is a little gauche.
I often feel that primers are really underrated, but I always use them if I'm doing a full face of makeup as they definitely stay on for longer. The one I usually use is Benefit Stay Don't Stray which is incredible, but I have to say I tried this one today, and it is nearly as good! Definitely a keeper!
Last but not least is a tub of Carmex, which let's be honest, who doesn't love it!! This will definitely be living in my handbag!
Do you get a Glossybox delivery? Or do you get one of the many competitors - I know it took me a while to decide which one I wanted, and to be honest I will probably still end up ordering a Birchbox at some point soon! What do you think? Glossybox? Birchbox? Any other good options? I always like to hear your thoughts!
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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Molton Brown Bath Set

After a slightly stressful day at work, I decided that I needed a little bit of pampering and that a trip to Molton Brown was in order. Fortunately for me Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet is on my way home, and it has a great Molton Brown outlet store!
They had some sets on offer, and I decided that the relaxing yuan zhi bath and shower gel and the travel-reviving cempaka body lotion would be perfect!
The bath and shower gel smells amazing, a great combination of vanilla, ylang-ylang and rose, while the yuan shi is traditionally used to balance energies and calm the spirit. All in all, it screams use me after a long day at work!
The body lotion is a bit more musky, and is designed to refresh and rehydrate your skin with cempaka leaf oil. This will help your senses to feel rebalanced and soothed, also great for the end of a long day!
Overall I think that this set is great, and it was also fantastic value - I picked these two items up for £16, which is a fraction of the price that you normally pay for Molton Brown!
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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Birthday MAC Makeup Haul

I was rather excited over the weekend as it was my birthday on Monday 14th, and I was lucky enough to be treated to a trip to the MAC store in Liverpool from my boyfriend for part of my present! It is safe to say I have been well and truly spoilt!
First of all, for anyone who has never been to a MAC store (is there anyone?!) - be prepared to spend a long time there, and make sure you talk to one of the makeup artists, as they will explain the differences between all the products, and also make sure that you get the right colours for your skin!

On this trip I got: Mineralize Foundation, Sheer Select Powder, Matte Bronzer and a Retro Lipstick. I was in heaven.

I have used this foundation for several years, and recently made the mistake of trying out something new... this was a massive error and as a result I have had to spend a lot of time doing home facials! The shade I got for this was NC20, as I am currently quite pale.

The Sheer Select Powder that I got is colour NC30, as over the summer I tend to tan quite quickly, and the makeup artist explained that although I am pale at the moment, and can just use a very light dusting to warm up my face, as I get more tanned, I can use a bit more, and it will ensure that my face matches the rest of my body all summer! Fab!

I have also been after a new bronzer recently, as ever since I saw Kim Kardashian's contouring I have been trying (in vain) to replicate her flawless makeup!

Finally I wanted a bright new lipstick for the summer! I have a habit of choosing very similar shades of lipstick, so this time I decided to be big and brave and I absolutely love it! Retro lips all the way, but a little tip - to prevent it bleeding, put some primer on your lips before you put the lipstick on, and for an even better finish, apply it with a lipstick brush! The shade that I have got is called Ruby Woo.

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