Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Top 5 Tuesday: Lumia 735 Apps

As I have always been a bit of a technology geek, I was quite excited when the lovely people from Conncects got in touch with me to see if I wanted to trial a Lumia 735, naturally I jumped at the chance! So this week's Top 5 Tuesday are Lumia Apps!
1) Calendar
This may sound like an odd one to pick, but one of the first things I noticed about the Lumia was how easy the Calendar was to look at and get an overview of the week, but also see exactly what was happening that day.

 2) People

This is definitely one of my favourite features of the Lumia, the way it collates all of the information across social networks, and combines it with what is already there is fantastic.

3) Sport

I really enjoy watching sport - my football team is Wolverhampton Wanderers and I'm also an NFL fan, supporting the Miami Dolphins! The Sport app has everything I need to know about these teams in one place, I can find out when the next match is, what the current top stories are, how the players are doing... literally I can find out everything!

4) Food & Drink

As a keen cook I was quite excited to find the Food & Drink app - it is a great addition to the phone, it has a huge number of recipes, for all sorts of meals, as well as a large cocktail menu. It has also got a shopping list feature, which can be updated as you are browsing the recipes!

5) HERE Drive+

I am constantly getting lost and rely on my satnav to get me most places, so I was interested to see how to system worked on the Lumia. The first thing which I found was that you downloaded the map to the phone, this is a brilliant idea, because a problem I have had using the satnav on my iPhone was that if I was in an area with no signal I had no idea where I was going! I also really liked that you could download the map for any country in the world, which is fab if you are going on holiday. Another brilliant feature was find my car - it will give you walking directions to the last place you navigated to!

Have you used a Lumia? What do you think of it? Let me know!
Lots of love


Friday, 6 February 2015

Valentines Wishlist

Well ladies, Valentines day is not far away, and whether you are in a relationship or not, I feel like a little surge is in order! After all with all the lovely items around at the moment, surely it would be rude not to! However, I am currently on  a bit of a budget, so I am going to try hard to make this a purse friendly list!

1) Flowers

I go through phases where I like different coloured flowers, at the moment I'm in a pink phase, and I have to say for valentines day I would love to receive a big bunch of pink roses! Just like these ones on Interflora.

Beautiful pink roses!
2) Lush Valentines collection

I'm in love with this! I love Lush a lot any way, and bath bombs have made my evening baths a complete pleasure for years, and their Valentines collection is no exception! Ladies, who cares whether or not you have a boyfriend this Valentines, get out there and buy yourself a Unicorn bar. Because let's be honest, unicorns are the best thing ever. 

And while you are there, you might as well pick up a few other bits...

L-R//T-B: Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar, Floating Flower Bath Bomb, Rose Queen Bath Bomb, Butterball Bath Bomb
If you don't have time to nip into the shop (or if there isn't one near you!) you can also buy these on lush.co.uk.

3) Perfume

I love perfume, and my collection is constantly being added to. I feel that for every different mood I have I need a different scent, and of course I want something different in the summer to what I like in winter, and I wouldn't wear the same to work as I do going out in the evening... the perfume opportunities are endless. Even while I have been off ill I like to put a light scent on, it cheers me up!

Anyways, I am currently loving Zara perfumes, you might have read about them, they are very budget friendly - most coming in between £10-15 and they have a very high end scent which lasts a long time! What's not to like! Oh yes, and the bottles are beautifully designed.

A few weeks ago I was in town and nipped into Zara, and tried a couple, my favourite is 9 Rue D'Antibes Cannes.

Zara Woman, 9 Rue D'Antibes Cannes

4) Chocolates

I have a confession, I know this list is meant to be budget friendly, but my choice of chocolates are not. I have an absolute favourite when it comes to luxury chocolates and I can't (won't) change!

I am absolutely in love with Charbonnel & Walker Pink Champagne Truffles. They are a slice of luxury in my life and I only get them on very special occasions!

If you want to treat yourself (or someone else) to these, have a look in John Lewis.

Charbonnel & Walker Pink Champagne Truffles

5) Champagne

Just because who doesn't love Champagne! (FYI at Tesco this is currently on offer for £23.99 a bottle)

Lanson Black Label Champagne

I hope you get some inspiration from my Valentines Wishlist! Let me know what is on yours!

Lots of Love
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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Sleek Mini Haul

A couple of weeks ago I was perusing the Sleek counter and decided that my makeup collection clearly needed some additions. Firstly, I have been working to improve my brow game recently, as they tend to do whatever they want and I just work around them, I had been looking at Benefit's brow cake for a while previously, and I have to be honest, when I saw this Sleek Brow Kit I was amazed - it's nigh on identical! But obviously a lot cheaper. So naturally I bought it. I was also interested when I saw the corrector and concealed palette, which contains, three different layers of concealing products. Finally I picked up a blusher - because I always need a bigger range of colours - this one is Flushed 935.

L-R: Brow Kit, Blush, Corrector and Concealer.

Brow Kit in Light

The Brow Kit by Sleek contains a pigmented wax, a setting powder, an angled brush, a straight brush and a small pair of tweezers. This is the perfect little set to shape, fill and set my eyebrows in place, the stay put all day long!

Sleek Corrector and Concealer Palette
 I decided to get the Sleek Corrector and Concealer Palette in shade 03, the kit contains a corrector which is designed to neutralise discolouration, the concealer which will cover most imperfections, and finally a setting powder which contains SPF15, to help the concealer last all day as well as protecting the delicate under-eye skin from the sun.

Let me know what you think of Sleek makeup! Personally I think it is my current favourite drugstore makeup brand, with really high quality products for very reasonable prices!

Lots of love
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Monday, 2 February 2015

January on Instagram

Want a snapshot into my life? Why not see what I have been up to on Instagram this month! If you want to follow me I'm @brionycrew

Lots of love
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