Tuesday, 2 June 2015

A bit of an update!

It's all rather exciting at the moment in my life, I stopped blogging a while ago as between January and March I was rather ill with Glandular fever and then a nasty post viral infection, and to be honest - writing about beauty and fashion was the last thing on my mind! However, I have now mostly recovered, and I have been back in work full time for a few weeks, so I have decided it's time to delve back into my blog - as I do rather miss it!

However I think it needs a couple of minor changes - so you will be seeing less beauty and fashion posts, and more recipes, craft ideas, crochet and knitting patterns as well as some interior decor stuff and garden planning because... my boyfriend and I are buying a house! Which is awesome! It's a new build, and it will be ready around October/ November time, so we will be in it for Christmas which I am so excited about!

So, yep a few changes are a foot, and bare with me - I am aiming to do 3/4 posts a fortnight, as long as I don't get too tired!

As always, feedback is always appreciated, let me know what you think of the new stuff!

Ours is the right hand side!

Lots of Love

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